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Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.20 :

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Hi Paul,

Checked the config, imapserveraddress is just localhost.


Paul Lesneiwski <paul (AT) squirrelmail (DOT) orgwrote:

Hi Guys,

I have the error msg after i login:

Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.20 :

I am using:


PHP 5.0.4-10

Apache 2.0.54

Fedora Core 4

SquirrelMail 1.4.5 source w/ no plugins

It used to work until i changed some postfix config on

proxy interfaces. My imap is using port 143 and is

running for sure(netstat). Port 143 is opened and

accessible from external. I do not know about this

port 20 (or error no 20?). Anyway there is no port 20

running. Even using localhost has the same problem.

Try running configtest. Show the value of $imapServerAddress in

config/config.php. Looks to me like it thinks the whole address of the

IMAP server is "localhost.20".

- Paul

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